Therapy for Anxiety, Panic & Stress in RI

Everyone experiences anxiety at one time or another.

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Sometimes being anxious is just a normal response, like when studying for a test or getting ready for a special event.

However, anxiety can also be overwhelming. It's no longer helpful and seems to take over your life. Panic attacks can occur as well as unreasonable fearfulness. Therapy can be helpful in restoring your self-confidence. .

Stress and anxiety can be worse during difficult economic times. Rhode Island, for instance, now has an unemployment rate reaching toward 10 percent. This puts a stress burden on all of us in Rhode Island. Therapy helps you see your situation more clearly and to effectively deal with the stresses that confront you.

Some typical symptoms of anxiety are racing thoughts, sweating, trembling, nausea or another type of upset stomach, either racing thoughts or having your mind go blank, fearfulness and/or irritability, fast heartrate, tightening of the muscles, dizziness and other signs. Therapy has been shown to be helpful with all of these symptoms.

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Benefits of Therapy & Counseling for Anxiety & Stress

Through effective therapy, you can learn helpful cognitive and behavioral techniques for stress management and anxiety reduction and to eliminate panic attacks. For some examples of these strategies, please see my blog postings: Anxiety Reduction: The Basics; Anxiety, Self-Esteem and Self-Soothing; and other posts at Reflections From A Chair.

If stress, anxiety or panic attacks are causing problems in your life, consult with Michael Adamowicz in E. Providence, Rhode Island. He has over two decades of experience providing therapy for anxiety and stress related problems.

My office is located in E. Providence, Rhode Island. All of your interactions will be directly with me. All aspects of your counseling are handled discretely, confidentially and with the utmost of care and concern.

The office provides you with a safe, supportive place to discuss and explore your situation. It is conveniently located, only 2 miles from downtown Providence, Rhode Island. It is easily accessible to the towns and cities in the Providence, Rhode Island and the southeastern Massachusetts area.