Monthly Archives: May 2009

Tips on Anxiety Management

The Atlantic this week has an article entitled Surviving Uncertainty: A Few Tips by Lane Wallace. As part of her credentials on this matter, she notes that: “I’ve flown small aircraft on five continents. I’ve been stranded alone on a glacier in shorts and tennis shoes. I’ve found myself in the middle of rapidly destabilizing […]

The Emotional Costs of Inequality

The Globe and Mail reviewed “The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better,” by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, Allen Lane. The reviewers write that: “This is the authors’ “big idea”: People’s health depends on the quality of their social relationships, and the most important determinant of the quality of social relationships […]

Map of Stress Across America

The Associated Press has an interactive map of the US broken down by counties of economic stress factors. It measures unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy. A stress level of zero is best and 100 is worst. For instance, here in Providence County, the stress level is 13.74 which is double the rate from a year ago. […]

Controversy About PTSD

Bob Herbert, in today’s NY Times, writes: “I couldn’t have been less surprised to read last week that an American G.I. had been charged with gunning down five of his fellow service members in Iraq.” He goes on to say that “Recent attempts by the military to deal with some of the most egregious aspects […]

Depression and the Thyroid

In a reverse of what I thought I have clinically seen, a recent prospective study finds that low thyroid functioning is not associated with depression. In fact, they found the opposite to be true: a high thyroid function is associated with depression. Evidently, I was not alone in thinking that low thyroid levels are associated […]

Kava for Anxiety?

Yesterday, May 11, Makaira’s Kava Kava Blog gives details about the legal status of kava in various countries. Back to the recent research, the researchers in Australia found that The aqueous Kava preparation produced significant anxiolytic and antidepressant activity and raised no safety concerns at the dose and duration studied. Kava appears equally effective in […]