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Anxiety, Self-Esteem and Self-Soothing

If you have been following these posts, perhaps you will recall one entitled “The Experience of Anxiety and Panic.” In that essay, I briefly noted some of the thoughts people with anxiety disorders sometimes have about themselves. The self-attributions or labels that they attach to themselves relevant to today’s discussion include: •embarrassment •shame •guilt •a […]

Stress relief is in the air

In a post from Discovery Health Cares, aromatherapy is suggested for stress management and anxiety reduction. My apologies for the delay in between posts recently.  I will hopefully be getting back to a more regular schedule soon.

Stress Relief

Just a quick entry today.  For any of you battling with the last minute holiday rush and all its stress, here’s a link to 50 quick ways to ease your suffering.  It comes from the Nursing Online Education Database: 50 Quick and Easy Ways to Calm Your Anxiety Season’s Greeting!!

Anxiety Treatment Effectiveness

Just a brief post to link you to an article about treating anxious children and teens. The New York Times reports on a study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.  They found that a combination of psychotherapy and psychiatric medication led to 80 percent of the children either improving very much or recovering […]

Get out of the house and have some fun

This week’s post will take a break from the technical aspects of stress, anxiety and panic.  Instead, we’ll look at ways to have fun, distract from repetitive worries, socialize, and expand your range of interests. I can’t count the number of times people have told me that they did “nothing” since the last session.  As […]

You Don’t Have To Be A Brain Surgeon: But It Even Helps Them

This is the fifth post in the series on anxiety. This post covers the relationship between the 3rd and 4th posts. That is, the relationship between some of the stress reduction techniques and the biology of the stress model. Once more, I need to repeat that this is a tremendous simplification of a highly complex […]