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Using Anxiety to Avoid Depression: Part Two

When we left off, it was with Donovan Campbell, in Joker One, trying to establish measures to deal with the stress faced by 150 Marines trying to gain control over an Iraqi city of 350,000. As a refresher, he was trying to act as a calm leader. As he phrases it: “Frantic-sounding lieutenants lose everyone’s […]

Tips on Anxiety Management

The Atlantic this week has an article entitled Surviving Uncertainty: A Few Tips by Lane Wallace. As part of her credentials on this matter, she notes that: “I’ve flown small aircraft on five continents. I’ve been stranded alone on a glacier in shorts and tennis shoes. I’ve found myself in the middle of rapidly destabilizing […]

Recent Anxiety Research and News

Washington University’s newspaper reports on a study of social phobia among college students. One of its findings is that unstructured discussion of past upsetting events raises the distress level for some people. On the other hand, when the interview was structured, the “subjects’ moods did not worsen.” The NIH is promoting meditation, yoga, tai chi […]

Stress relief is in the air

In a post from Discovery Health Cares, aromatherapy is suggested for stress management and anxiety reduction. My apologies for the delay in between posts recently.  I will hopefully be getting back to a more regular schedule soon.

You Don’t Have To Be A Brain Surgeon: But It Even Helps Them

This is the fifth post in the series on anxiety. This post covers the relationship between the 3rd and 4th posts. That is, the relationship between some of the stress reduction techniques and the biology of the stress model. Once more, I need to repeat that this is a tremendous simplification of a highly complex […]

Anxiety Reduction: The Basics

This is the third installment on anxiety. My apologies for the delay in between posts. My previous web host ran into all sorts of difficulties and I had to move the blog and the web site to a new host. Before going further, let me again say that this site does not substitute in any […]