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A quick update

A partial explanation for the delay between posts is that I am devoting all my free time to translating Pierre Janet’s Les obsessions et la psychasthénie. It is a very lengthy work and the translation is a wildly time-consuming project. In doing that, I came across a reference to distinguishing between depressive and anxiety disorders […]

Anxiety as a Defense Against Depression: Part 8

Couples Therapy for Robert and Julia (Romeo and Juliet) Julia and Robert have come to my office. We are discussing their desire to elope. I’ve just asked Julia if there is any way that her parents would agree to delay her return to their home island in Portugal. Julia: I tried to get my father […]

Anxiety as a Defense Against Depression: Part 7

This is the seventh post in this series. If you are just starting in this series, then it would help you to read at least the fifth post to get the background on today’s discussion. As a refresher, this is a “case study” of Robert. He is a single male in his early twenties. Robert […]

Anxiety as a Defense Against Depression: Part 6

If you are just picking up on this series, you might do well to start by reading at least the last post. Today’s post will refer extensively to the last one. To review where we are in this “case study,” Robert has come to my office about 36 hours after meeting a woman. He and […]

Anxiety as a Defense Against Depression: Part 5

This is a case study of anxiety being used as a defense against a return to a depressive state. Robert left an urgent message on my voicemail. He said that he was anxious and panicky. He wanted an appointment as soon as possible. I returned the call and arranged an intake appointment for him the […]

Using Anxiety to Avoid Depression: Part 4

A reader’s comment on the third post in this series has led me to rework the post that I had planned for today. In essence, I was asked if I thought that all persons with anxiety were using that as a defense or screen against depression. The short answer to that is: No, not at […]