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Translating Janet: A note on methodology

I’ve just finished the first draft translation of Pierre Janet’s “THE OBSESSIONS AND THE PSYCHASTH√ČNIE, Book 1.” This turned out to be one of those things I’d never have done if I knew what it entailed from the start. It’s 468 pages in length and required 4 hours a day for the past 7 months. […]

Pierre Janet’s Nadia

In response to a recent request, I am posting my translation of Janet’s analysis of Nadia in his book, The Obsessions and The Psychasthenia. The original version, in French, can be found here. This selection begins on page 33 and carries on to the top of page 41. One or two quick comments. I would […]


My first internship was very interesting. I was with a mobile crisis team for Gouverneur Hospital in New York City’s Lower East Side. Basically, relatives, friends or even strangers would call us if they noticed that someone was acting bizarrely. And in New York, it took a lot to fall into that category. Our job […]