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Recent Anxiety Research and News

Washington University’s newspaper reports on a study of social phobia among college students. One of its findings is that unstructured discussion of past upsetting events raises the distress level for some people. On the other hand, when the interview was structured, the “subjects’ moods did not worsen.” The NIH is promoting meditation, yoga, tai chi […]

Treatments for Anxiety Disorders

This post will return to anxiety treatment topics. More specifically, I would like to address the issue of treatment approaches or techniques. As my earlier posts on this topic surely indicate, I am a strong adherent of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). However, in my experience, this is not always the beginning and end point of […]

The experience of anxiety and panic

For this post, I want to move away from the objective, technical aspects of anxiety.  It seems time to move into into the personal experience of anxiety and panic. I spent a while trying to describe how it feels to have a problem with anxiety and panic.  The results were dissatisfying; perhaps because I was […]