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Recent Anxiety Research and News

  • Washington University’s newspaper reports on a study of social phobia among college students. One of its findings is that unstructured discussion of past upsetting events raises the distress level for some people. On the other hand, when the interview was structured, the “subjects’ moods did not worsen.”
  • The NIH is promoting meditation, yoga, tai chi and Pilates as means to improving physical and mental health. There is also discussion of the interconnection between physical and mental well-being. You can read the Washington Post’s article here.
  • Empowerher.com reports on a study of the long-term relationship between childhood separation anxiety disorder and adult panic disorder. “Genetic determinants appear to be the major, underlying cause…” However, “childhood parental loss is a truly environmental risk factor uninfluenced by genetic factors, it can further affect susceptibility to panic disorder and perhaps alter an individual’s respiratory physiology for a long time.” Read more about this interesting article here.
  • The Capital Times” writes about the effect of the current economy on persons’ mental health. Some of the conclusions are “As people lose jobs or watch their retirement savings dry up, some local psychiatrists say they are seeing an increasing number of new patients with depression or anxiety, and that the symptoms of some current patients have worsened.Beyond that, these doctors say, many who need treatment aren’t receiving it because they cannot pay, having lost their jobs or their insurance.”
  • A study on “unexplained chest pain” finds that there are “several common factors among those affected, including stress at work, anxiety, depression and a sedentary lifestyle.”
    Which reinforces the benefits of stress reduction and an active lifestyle, as mentioned above in the reference to the NIH’s recent efforts.