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Sleep Problems: Teen Depression, Adult Male Mortality Risk

Forbes published an article today entitled “Early Bedtime May Help Stave Off Teen Depression.” It discusses recent research on teens and sleep by James Gangwisch of Columbia University Medical Center. The study found that “Teens whose parents insist on 10 p.m. or sooner for lights out were 25 percent less likely to be depressed and […]

Improving Your Sleep

Just a quick update today. The New York Times has a fairly exhaustive (no pun intended) article on sleep hygiene. It is titled “A Cost-Effective Good Night’s Sleep.” The article is self-explanatory so I won’t attempt to redo what they have already done well. You can see the article in its entirety by clicking here.

Are Sleep Problems Symptoms or Causes of Emotional Disorders

In a thought provoking article, Sleep study at Pitt is a researcher’s dream job, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the role of sleep in mental health is explored. Some of the many interesting points from the interview of Dr. Anne Germain are: “…there is growing evidence that sleep problems are actually the cause of many psychological […]