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Many relationships, whether traditional or alternative couples, encounter difficulties at one time or another.

Sometimes this can be a brief strain on couples and then they meet the challenge and move forward, stronger for having overcome the situation together.

Other times, the new problem seems to bring out the weaknesses in the relationship and couples gets stuck. Perhaps they don't know whether to seek counseling or break or end the marriage by divorce.

However, there are usually strengths that couples have that are being forgotten in the new situation. After all, there must have been some good reasons for the couples to get together or begin a marriage in the first place. Objectively talking about the dilemma in a safe environment with a skilled therapist or counselor can often restore harmony to the couple and their relationship.

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My practice is open to treating traditional, gay, and lesbian relationships.

If your relationship or marriage has become unhappy, consult with Michael Adamowicz. He has nearly three decades of experience providing couples counseling and marriage therapy .

My Therapy Practice in E. Providence, Rhode Island

With nearly thirty years of experience as a therapist, Michael Adamowicz, LICSW strives to furnish you with the highest quality, personalized and effective therapy possible.

My office is located in E. Providence, Rhode Island. All of your interactions will be directly with me. All aspects of your counseling are handled discretely, confidentially and with the utmost of care and concern.

I offer counseling for teens and adults to resolve individual, relationship and marriage problems in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

My training and practice includes psychodynamic, cognitive and behavioral therapies .

The office provides you with a safe, supportive place to discuss and explore your situation. It is conveniently located, only 2 miles from downtown Providence, Rhode Island. It is easily accessible to the towns and cities in the Providence, Rhode Island and the southeastern Massachusetts area.

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